Responsible drinking

This website informs you about the pros and cons about drinking alcohol and is about helping people make informed choices about alcohol. It informs you about news, links and opinions about alcohol and calls for responsible drinking. It shows you the harmful effects of irresponsible alcohol consumption for individuals and for our society. The goal is to give as much information in short, understandable statements and related topics. For the realization of this website different sources are used to display the information as objective and accurate as possible.

If you have any comments about it, you can indicate this by contact, so we can look carefully at this.

Finally, it is important to know that this site does not provide health advice and is not intended for diagnostic purposes or as a substitute for advice or an examination by a health care professional. If you have questions about the health effects of alcohol consumption, ask advice of a professional regarding your particular situation.

Helping people make informed choices about alcohol.