Alcohol in daily life

Alcohol has been an enjoyable part of social life and celebrations around the world for thousands of years. However, alcohol isn't for everyone, every time or every place. If you are organising a celebration, remember to provide non-alcohol drinks for those who may prefer them.

If you're going to be drinking, plan ahead. Make sure that you eat something beforehand or that food will be available at the place where alcohol will be served. Also, make sure to plan how you will get home safely – use public transport, take a taxi or nominate someone to stay sober and drive you.

Alcohol can affect your reason, judgement and coordination. Overconsumption slows down your reaction time, accelerates your pulse and dehydrates the body. So don't put yourself in positions that leave you – or others – at risk.

Some situations need you to be at your best – particularly those which involve an element of risk or may require your skill.